About the Twelve Energy Efficient Test Homes project

Dow Building Solutions is engaged in a unique five-year study on energy-efficient homes called the Twelve Energy Efficient Test Homes (TEETH) Project. Twelve newly built homes in and near Midland, Michigan, use different product combinations chosen by the Dow Chemical Company in order to establish and document the most energy-efficient strategies in the new home builder market.

This project seeks to help builders, potential home buyers and homeowners maximize home values with the best package of insulation and air sealing improvements. The homes feature different combinations of insulation and air sealing improvements to allow for the measurement of various packages in similar design and climate conditions. All of the homes feature products that are available for commercial use and are commonly used in construction practices today. The homes are instrumented to collect data about the home's energy usage, humidity levels, temperatures and heat flow.

The project features two surveys per year of the home residents — to gather qualitative data regarding comfort, satisfaction and opinion — in addition to the quantitive performance measurements. RiverTowne Properties is proud to offer the unique and exciting high-quality home option for those who desire to rent a home in and near Midland, Michigan.

The TEETH Project — a five-year collaboration between Cobblestone Homes and Dow Building Solutions on an energy-efficiency test community comprised of 12 occupied single-family homes in Midland — is in the news again as data from the houses continues to roll in.

This time, the Detroit News takes a look at the project and its impact on home building nationwide. All the TEETH data should help dispel the notion that if a buyer has a new home built to "code" they are getting the best-performing home possible.

"For the homeowner, if they spent around $5,000 on upgrades, it would pay for itself in a few years, just based on the energy savings," Cobblestone Homes co-owner Mark Wahl told the newspaper. "But in the long term, they will also have a home that will be less likely to have mold problems, will be more durable and more comfortable to live in."

The 12 houses, which each have 60 sensors continually gathering data on energy consumption and more, are available for rent here.

Learn more about Cobblestone Homes here.

Read more of the Detroit News profile of the TEETH Project here.

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